Auditory Oddball Details

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Data format

There are three zip files, each contain data collected from a day, including three types of MATLAB files:

1. ECoG_ch*.mat: ECoG signals for each electrode with the sampling rate of 1000Hz.

2. repEvent.mat:

repEvent includes the information of each tone-train (1-6 columns).

Column 1: train number

Column 2: current frequency index

Column 3: next frequency index

Column 4: SOA, repetition number

Column 5: repetition number

Column 6: time stump of train onset

Idx2Freq is a table of frequency index and actual frequency.

3. ElectrodesFr.mat: Information of the ECoG electrode locations

LINE: The outline of the marmoset brain

X: X positions of the electrodes

Y: Y positions of the electrodes


Komatsu M, Takaura K, Fujii N (2015). “Mismatch negativity in common marmosets: Whole-cortical recordings with multi-channel electrocorticograms.” Scientific Reports 5, 15006.