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Electro-corticogram (ECoG) has been used for diagnostic purpose in epileptic patients to identifying epileptic foci. It has been known that ECoG can provide stable neural signal. ECoG is isolated from brain by arachnoid mater and pia mater when implanted in subdural space. It measures local field potential from cortical surface through these membranes. In human patient, ECoG is left in subdural space for 2-3 weeks until epileptic foci are identified. Therefore, it was not designed for long term use.

To introduce ECoG recording into primate electrophysiology for chronic use, we made many modification.

First generation ECoG array used to Monkey A[[1]].
32 ECoG channels, 4 references and 1 ground.

Second generation ECoG array used to Monkey K1[[2]].
64 ECoG channels, 2 references and 1 ground.

Third generation of ECoG array used to Monkey K2[[3]].
128 ECoG channnels, 2 Reference (connected) and 2 ground (connected)

IMG 1160.JPG
Prototype for marmoset.