Emotional Movie Task

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Additional Information for "Emotional Movie Task"

Q) Which is the positive direction of x-axis and y-axis?

A) In x-axis, larger number represent that the eye moved to rightward. In y-axis, larger number represent that the eye moved to upward.

Q) Does 'Gaze time' mean how long a gaze continued at the time?

A) No. When the monkey fixated, the number in Gaze time increased accumulatively. For instance, the data from 63th to 124th shows that monkey fixated at particular point. So, you can get the length of fixation from the number of data points. In this case, (124-63+1)*1/120=0.5167(s).

Q) (continued) The data from 63th to 124th has both of flat-parts and increasing-parts. During the flat-parts, didn't the monkey fixate at the particular point?

The monkey exactly fixated at the particular point in both of flat-parts and increasing-parts.
Those flat-parts occurred because eye movements were recorded at 60Hz sampling rate.
Then we recorded the output of the device(eye-tracker) by different device at 120Hz sampling rate. You also find jitters in the flat-parts because of line noise.

Q) Does 'Eye blink' mean whether there were any eye blinks in sampling time?

A) Yes.

Q) What does 'SessionData.NofFinishedTrials' in Session_info.mat mean?

A) It shows the number of trials completed in the session. When the experiment was aborted during the session, the number is smaller than 'SessionData.TotalTrials'. The present data (SessionData.NofFinishedTrials=300) indicates that the session was not aborted, then data was recorded in all of trials.