Emotional Movie Task Details

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Subject 1: K2

Subject 2: Chibi

Subject 3: Kin2

Data format

For each subjects (Subjects 1, 2, and 3), there are three zip files, each contain data collected from a day, including three types of MATLAB files:

1. LFP_ch*.mat: ECoG signals for each electrode with the sampling rate of 1000Hz.

2. Task_ino.mat: SessionData.MovieSequence includes the sequence of the video clips (in indices 1 to 6).

Clip 1: CmRf (“cF2_Tama”)

Clip 2: CwRf (“cF2_WallwSnd”)

Clip 3: ChRf (“cF2_Yasuo”)

Clip 4: CmRn (“cN1_Tama”)

Clip 5: CwRn (“cN1_WallwSnd”)

Clip 6: ChRn (“cN1_Yasuo”)

3. Movie_start_time.mat: Indices of movie onsets

4. Electrode_fmri_outline_with_MW.mat: Information of the ECoG electrode locations

I: The image of electrode layout

X: X positions of the electrodes

Y: Y positions of the electrodes


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