Visual Grating Task

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Q) Do the values in 'Ain' mean anything besides event? (ex. 1652 and 1653 in Stimulus4 are same or different?)

A) Because of noise, the amplitude of signal was fluctuated.

1652 and 1653 in Stimulus4 were same (the all values in 1600-1700 belonged to Stimulus4).

Q) What was the size of the visual stimulus/display? (in terms of the horizontal and vertical angles, or the actual size - I will convert it to the visual angles, assuming that the distance between the monkey and screen was 490mm.)

A) Display resolution: 1920×1200

Display Size: 518.4×324.0mm

Spatial frequency: 0.01cycle/pixel

The interval of grating: 27mm

Time frequency: 4Hz

Moving velocity: 108 mm/sec

Q) Do the angles (0,0) correspond to the center of the visual stimulus?

A) Yes. To be more precise, it corresponds to the center of the movie. In the experiment, I tried to match the center of the movie with the center of the stimuli.