Visual Grating Task Details

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Monkey K2 (Kuma) has 8 experiments. 100721 100722 100723 100802 100803 100804 100805 100806

Monkey G (Geroge) has 3 experiments. 101015 101016 101019

ECoG data was in ECoG-*.mat. ECoG signals are in 1st-128th rows and the event information is in 129th row.

The brainmap of each monkey was in the folder "BrainMap".

I also sent you a matlab script "ExtractEyeTrack4.m" which demonstrate how to use the eye-tracking data. Please edit a path of files and select a monkey and an ExpID in ExtractEyeTrack4.m. A movie file is available for only ExpID= '100723'.

Eye-track data is in Take*.csv.

The third column has a horizontal angle of eye-gaze and the forth column has a vertical angle of eye-gaze. In the script I transformed the angles to the position of movie (pixel). The nineth column has a flag to check whether monky's eye was open or close. When the value was zero, monkey's eye was open. The sampling rate of eye-tracking system (Vicon system) was 119.8809 Hz and the sampling rate of movie is 29.97 Hz.

You can see a sample movie in

Note.1 In the sample movie "", there is small spatial gap between the position of eye-gaze recorded in the movie and the position of eye-gaze which is constructed by eye-tracking data. If you need more accuray, you can reduce the gap by adding some offsets.

Note.2 The rate of eye-opened period (in which the eye-tracking system could detect the eye-gaze) is about 0.5 through the experiments. In the experiment, eye-tracking system didn't tune in monkey's eye. So the frequency eye-track system could not detect the eye-gaze increased. Even though we failed to recored the eye-gaze in the experiment, we monitered whether monkey's eye was open or not during the experiment and awaken the monkey when monkey's eye was closed. The image of monkey's eye was recorded in the lower right position of the movie.

Note.3 In most of time in the experiment, monkey saw the periphery of display. But the display covered the most part of monkey's view. So even though monkey saw the periphery, we can presume that the peripery of visual cortex received the visual graging stimili.